coaching testimonials

With my classes, my clients, and within my private practice I am wildly interested in unblocking the mental and emotional side of fitness and figuring out what gets in the way of our health and fitness intentions. I’m most interested in overall well-being in a sustainable, big-picture sort of way. Exploring this approach with clients has been transformative. Together we create self-acceptance, confidence, a sense of empowerment by taking ownership of strength while becoming fitter. And all of this supports a higher quality of life. 

“Danette is an extraordinary coach. She is encouraging, supportive, funny, fun, and, she asks a lot of those she trains – in the best possible ways. She knows how to make sure you are moving correctly, and, she also knows how to work with one of the most challenging aspects of fitness – our minds and what we tell ourselves, how we limit ourselves physically and in life. She will push you while being loving and she will see things in you that you cannot see in yourself. My strength and fitness went up significantly after working with Danette. That’s after 7 years of CrossFitting so that’s saying a lot. I participated in an athletic CrossFit challenge, which I would have never done, and I hit personal records after plateauing for a long time. She has exceptional gifts – being with her changes not only your body, it changes your life and how you see yourself.”
Carolyn Freyer-Jones
Life and Business Coach, and client since 2013

“When I think about my relationship with Danette, the first thing that comes to mind is how she is so much more than a coach/trainer. She is a friend.  She motivates, counsels, and advocates for your well-being — mind AND body!  Danette is committed to digging deep to bring out the ‘better you’ even if you can’t see it yourself.  She expertly guides you through the process to reach goals you never thought possible. I credit Danette’s never-ending support and always positive attitude for the tremendous results that I have achieved through my work with her (in and outside of the gym!). “
Julie Schleichkorn
Client since 2013

“Danette ‘Diz’ Rivera has been one of the most positive influences on my life as of late. From the moment I met her I felt how deeply she cares about me stepping into my beauty, power and strength as a woman and as an athlete. And let’s be clear about something, before I met Diz, I was not an athlete. She has coached me on how to look at the world, look at my world, with a different set of eyes. A set of eyes that is loving and accepting of the beauty of where I am at NOW while celebrating the constant opportunity to skate my edge and show myself, with her wise stewardship, just how powerful I really am, on all levels! Her training, coaching, mentoring penetrates my mind, body and soul. Best of all, it opens my heart to the deeper joys of life knowing what I am truly capable of.”
Eliza Swords
Client since 2014

“Being in my late fifties, I have had some experience with fitness trainers and coaches. But, apart from having a superb background in fitness and an ability to pull from many different kinds of worlds, (not just strength training, but yoga and dance and swimming and basketball and….you name it) Danette is simply one of the most intuitive coaches, actually people, I have ever met. She realizes that who you were Tuesday might not be who you are the following Friday. You might be stronger, you might be weaker, you might be nursing a lower back pain, you might have not gotten any sleep. And she listens to the emotional side, too, because depending on what is going on there, she might customize your workout. She is also, not incidentally, just a really lovely, empathetic and fun person to spend time with, and she really cares about her clients in a holistic way. I came to her once feeling quite sad and hopeless about something in my personal life and that day she just threw out the intense workout she had planned for me and we focused on flexibility and breathing and light movement. This workout helped me body AND soul and got me ready to get back into a more intense regimen the next time. She can work with professional athletes, weekend warriors, and those of us who have perhaps never been involved with any kind of sport, and give each one a great workout. She does what the best coaches and trainers do, she asks you to do just a little more than you think you are capable, so you leave each session with a sense of, wow, didn’t think I could do that. .”
Laurie Newbound
Writer & client since 2014

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